Odyssey Southeast is a major account supplier offering National and International
Distribution of Odyssey batteries and Genesis batteries. 


Other Brands We Carry:


Master Distributor Of Odyssey Batteries & Brute Force Batteries, Fullriver Batteries, ProMariner & DualPro Chargers, & Charles Industries Products.


Odyssey Southeast is your full service dealer and master distributor for the marine industry. We offer free freight and delivery on batteries as well as free expert technical support. We have an entire stock of batteries on hand for immediate ship. Please contact us about your order for immediate purchase. Call today at (954) 766-2570
Heavy Duty Marine Batteries: See why naval architects and electrical engineers from prestigious boat builders like Bollinger Shipyard (U.S. Coast Guard) and Trinity Yachts choose the Odyssey battery for their demanding customers. The 12 year design life and 6-10 year service life prevent failures, where failure is not an option! Spill proof design eliminates corrosive effects.  

Fleet Battery Applications: Let us show you how the Odyssey battery can increase your bottom line by virtually eliminating down time due to battery failure. Mass transit, heavy equipment, emergency response vehicles, and long haul trucks know the value of a quality Odyssey Drycell Battery. Approved for use in sensitive areas for maximum safety.  

Sport Air Craft / Aviation Batteries: Due to its spill proof design and extreme vibration resistance, the Odyssey battery is perfect for aerobatics use and high g loading. The SBS battery is FAA-PMA certified for PA-18 and PA-19 aircraft and delivers up to 60% more starting power than equivalent size flooded batteries. Perfect for homebuilt and experiment aircraft. More...  

Automotive, Motorhomes, and RV's: With a 12 year float life (on charge) and an explosion proof design, there are no more worries about batteries left on a charge for extended periods of time. Explosion hazards associated with conventional batteries are eliminated, providing maximum safety for you and your family. Superior cranking and fast charging.  

Racing: The Odyssey battery does not require a vent tube and won't leak acid or vent corrosive gasses on your expensive paint or chrome. Mounting flexibility and approval for use in passenger compartments make it a must for the serious racing enthusiast. Racing professionals from all over the world chose Odyssey batteries when failure is not an option!  

Motorcyle/ATV/ Personal Watercraft: Tired of changing your battery every year? Switch to an Odyssey battery and enjoy years of trouble free maintenance. Captains will appreciate the two year storage life in tenders and toys with no maintenance or corrosive acid spills. Use Odyssey Batteries when failure is not an option!  
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